This guide is a way for you to understand what it has to offer using this website

Basically there are few segments of classifieds which is

1- Directory

2- Places

3- Jobs

4- Items

5- Network

6- Events

Each of these classifieds segment can be posted either “Free” or “Premium”.

Our “Premium” classifieds is only at RM2.00 for each segments. main segments is Directory;


How to post your ads:

You need to register before you can post an ads. Fill in all the necessary information needed and your valid email address.

Email will be our main medium of communication.

Once you had register then you can start post your ads. Your posts will be reviewed by our crew team members and any approval or rejected ads will be notified via email.

If you need to make modification or justification that would comply to our terms and conditions we will also inform you via email.


You might have wondered how do you get listed here in our directory classifieds?

It is very simple. It is either we or your family, friends, collegues spot your business either online or ofline then publish it into our website.

– what do you get when listed into our directory
– We are providing an update in a systematic ways of directory listing with a few features available to our traffic visitors into our current database.
– Currently we have split into few categories with our current numbers of listings and this categories will expand with aims to give the right niche to our publishers to promote their business.
– Our comprehensive feature which include google map side and sharing social media widget is an enhance tools that would encourage spread information and locate your business in local province.

What make special?
– It is our RM2.00 premium ads is the most affordable premium package available as to current offers. We also looking for better ways to improve such as giving more features with RM2.00 premium in the making.

Besides that you may choose another option which is free directory listing for certain days period depends on which category.